The Family Plan is for the family who…

Doesn’t have assets that would have  to go through the court process called probate, but do want to guarantee their minor children are well cared for no matter what, their health care wishes are turned into directives and their loved ones are able to access their assets using a durable power of attorney if they become incapacitated.

The Trust Plan is for the family who…

Wants the total assurance and peace of mind of knowing Family Wealth will be transferred to heirs with the most ease and convenience possible in the privacy of our office without court involvement.

Clients choosing the Trust plan may also opt to protect their beneficiary’s inheritance from lawsuits, spouses and estate taxes.

The Wealth Plan is for the family who…

Wants the total assurance and peace of mind of the Trust Plan AND also all comfort of knowing that assets transfers have been taken care of by our office.

This plan is appropriate for busy families who want the least amount of personal effort and the greatest amount of convenience and care. WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU!


Our varying levels of protection are suited to your unique goals


What if I pick a package and decide I want more?

That’s fine! We are serving you and your needs so if your needs change, we are flexible as well and can alter your plan.

What other services do you provide?

I can help you with a variety of needs from estate planning and family solutions to business law. Just ask!


When should I start planning my estate?

As soon as possible. Life holds many surprises and you want to make sure you have a plan in place. Call me at (801) 453-2000 or just drop by my office.

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