What Our Clients Are Saying…

Spencer Ball   Estate Planning Attorney

(801) 453-2000

I have worked with dozens of attorneys during my career and Spencer rates among the best. I am forever grateful to him for helping me out of a jamb when no one else could. Spencer is resourceful, bright and trustworthy.

Rich DeLoney

I have known Spencer Ball since 2001, where he has managed my loan closings, and he has also represented me in litigation and other matters.  Spencer cuts to the chase and is quick to identify issues which are important, but not obvious.  He has helped me through the years as a genuine trusted advisor.

Andy Iheanacho

I have known Spencer Ball for about 11 years.  In all my years working with Spencer, I have always known him to be strictly honest in business and in his personal life.  In his dealings with us as a closing agent, title searcher, and owner of a title company, I have noticed that he would never bend the rules and always tried to error on the side of transparency. Spencer has represented me personally in several civil lawsuits which required his efforts during about 6 years. I have never known him to take advantage of anyone especially in his capacity as a lawyer which is extremely rare in my experience. Spencer is a good man and truly an outstanding example to the oath he took when becoming a member of the bar, and in his professional career.

Andrew Nielson

I have known and worked with Spencer Ball for over 10 years.  Spencer has represented me and my companies as an attorney on a number of occasions during this time.  Without hesitation, I can attest to Spencer’s honesty and devotion to his clients.  All those who choose Spencer to represent them will find he is completely devoted to them.  They will also find Spencer digs into the details and knows his occupation well.  I am happy to refer Spencer Ball.

Shayne Crapo

I have used Spencer Ball’s legal and real estate title services for many years.  He has always done a fantastic job for me and given me excellent advice.  I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

David Woodside