The Scout Motto – Be Prepared


Family Preparedness is truly a Motto in which we all ought to give real thought to see where some major holes may be in our preparation for future events.

If something happened to you/you and your spouse today, What would your family do?  Those of you with small children, where would they go? Who would be their guardians?  How much would a court be involved with my children, my affairs, my home and other assets?  Do I have sufficient financial plans, such as life insurance to provide for those I leave behind, and are they set up so that they are available to my family?  How would my affairs be managed if I became incapacitated?

How can I BE PREPARED financially for my family?

Let me define what is meant by the term Estate Planning (which I call Family Financial Planning or Family Financial Preparedness).  It consists of the following three concepts:

  1. Control my property while I am alive and well.
  2. Provide for myself and my loved ones if I become disabled.
  3. Give what I have:
    1. To whom I want;
    2. The way I want;
    3. When I want;
    4. and Minimize the impact of professional fees, court costs, and taxes

Do you have a plan that does all of the above three things?  Are you sufficiently prepared in these areas?

We can help with a free no obligation consultation where we carefully go over with you these three areas to educate you and help you be more prepared in these important family matters.