Six months after Robin Williams’ tragic death, his widow and children are “locked in a legal battle” over his possessions, according to news reports.. 

According to an AP report in People Magazine, the dispute is outlined in court documents filed in December by Mr. Williams’ widow, Susan, to whom he was married for three years.  At issue are two houses Williams owned and personal belongings.  The wife and children interpret the meaning of the directions of Williams’ trust differently.

The dispute also is about the removal of property from one of those homes.

Susan says the term “memorabilia” should not include what she terms his “personal collections of knick-knacks,” and that “jewelry” should not include his watch collection.

The children say that they are heartbroken, and that Susan is “adding insult to a terrible injury.

A hearing in court is scheduled for March 30 in the Superior Court of San Francisco.

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What can we learn from these unfortunate events?

Are we sufficiently prepared in our planning with enough detail that misunderstandings between our children and loved ones will be minimized? 

There are many blended families who have a greater risk of misunderstandings occur between loved ones who are not related, where more careful planning regarding possible future circumstances can avoid the bitter feelings and heartbreak between loved ones.

A misunderstanding of this kind can create lifetime enmity between those you love and hope to bless.  The fighting can cause a great loss of what you want your loved ones to inherit to go to courts and to attorneys, in a feud that is as public as the fight over Robin Williams’ estate is now, where news reporters are publishing the uttermost details of it.

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